We are open every day of the year, including holidays,
from 10:00 am until sunset.


  • Fun self-guided tours in the sands of a large private desert area
  • Honda All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's) / Quads
  • We provide safety equipment
  • Instructional video
  • Hands on instruction
  • Friendly and professional staff
  • Relatively safe and simple to operate
  • Open every day 10:00am until sunset year-round including holidays


Enjoy views of:

* Windmills * Snowcapped mountains * Sand Dunes * Whitewater River *

We serve the entire family.
Six years and above may drive vehicles suited to their age and size,
and for those under the age limit we have ride along trailers.

Offroad Rentals is a premier ATV rental facility located in a small desert town just west of Palm Springs California. We have been offering on site ATV rentals for over two decades and have been open 365 days a year since. We Pride ourselves on Safety and customer satisfaction. Since in business we have had no major injuries and very few minor injuries. Every member of our staff is well trained in the safety procedures of the equipment and they are always eager to assist you in any way possible. So stop in any day, even holidays, and take an ATV out for a ride in the desert.


Desert Dynamos
Hop on an All-Terrain Vehicle and Soar Through the Sand

Story by Jamie Lee Poier.

January 1997 issue of Next Magazine.

The sky is sharp crystal blue.  The sun glistens off acres of white sand bunkered against rocky brown mountains.  The wind ruffles a grove of dense tamarisk trees.  You inhale crisp desert morning air. Just as you start to think, "This is not what I expected when I signed up for an ATV ride," a sonorous voice booms "No chicken, no drive bomber, no fender tag."
That's more like it.
You awake from your reverie with nature and get ready to hit the dunes.
But this is Offroad Rentals at Windy Point 4 miles north of Palm Springs and you don't even get close to a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle until you've heard the rules - three times.
The four dozen red quads neatly lined up on the level staging area stay put until owner shows riders an instructional video.  The video covers basic quad-riding rules.  First it explains them, then they are demonstrated and explained again.  Once you've seen the video, donned your helmet and goggles, the staff take you out to the quads and explains it all again.
"Nope," says the owner.  "Our prime issue is safety.  We have instructors licensed buy the Special Vehicle Institute.  We've has  thousands of riders over the years and we have only had two minor accidents."
Offroad rentals limits the number of quads on the dunes at one time.  Kids under 12 are closely supervised but "we keep an eye on everyone," they said.
If the owner or staff decides you are a bad driver, they will give you your money back and ask you to leave.
"That doesn't happen to often," they said.  "Guys from 16 to 25 are the hardest on the vehicles, and the only people who try to hurt each other are brothers."
Most of their customers are tourists:  many are attending conventions in the Coachella Valley.
But anyone who's driven Highway 111 north of Palm Springs to Interstate 10 has seen Offroad Rental's ATVs zipping up and down and around the Windy Point sand dunes for the past 25 years.   That's when the proprietors says they settled down - a little anyway - and opened "a normal business."
Life prior to that rings of themes found only in California - A bit of metal sculpting, a bit of windsurfing and summers in Mexico renting surf boards.


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